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Bubble hash is, like the name suggests, a form of hash. And like all hash, this stuff is super potent. It’s made by agitating trichome-heavy cannabis flowers using ice and ice water. As the resin is pulled off the plant matter, it passes through a series of bubble bags, each of which separates out the resin from both the plant and the ice. Once the resin is collected it’s then pressed into the final product: bubble hash. Bubble hash has found its most enthusiastic followers among cannabis fans who are health conscious and who are worried about products that have been processed using chemicals like butane. Similarly, medical marijuana patients who are especially worried about consuming any sort of chemical tend to choose bubble hash over other extracts.

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    Stress Relief

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    Pain Relief

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    Sleep Aid

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The World Of Concentrates

Even though most concentrates today are produced using modern technologies and extraction methods, they have a very extensive and established history. The first known uses of concentrated cannabis can be dated back to 10,000 B.C. in the Steppe Mountains of China.
Popularity and demand for concentrates have increased dramatically with the legalization of marijuana. This exponential growth in consumer interest has refined concentrate extraction methods to innovative heights, which is why so many new and exciting forms of concentrates are emerging. Concentrates are a great option for seasoned cannabis consumers looking to increase the intensity of their high, as well as flavour connoisseurs seeking to taste the most exquisite terpene profiles. Medical marijuana patients in need of relief also turn to concentrates for a direct, economical and fast-acting solution to their ailments.
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Bud Lab Concentrates

With concentrate use on the rise, certain strains of cannabis are getting more popular for wax extraction. These strains are chosen for high THC levels as well as terpene and trichome content.
With a Canada wide marketplace, Bud Lab delivers high quality concentrates and top-of-the-line accessories, leaving satisfied customers coughing in its wake from coast to coast. All Bud Lab products are lab tested for THC & CBD percentages and include a full product description that covers aromas, flavours, effects, strain genetics and parenthood, creating a highly personalized purchasing experience where little is left to chance with the customers getting exactly what they are looking for.
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A Few Terms to Know

If you're looking to purchase concentrates, here are some terms that you should be familiar with:
Concentrate – Broadly refers to any cannabis product that concentrates cannabis compounds from raw plant material.
CO2 Oil – A type of cannabis oil that uses pressure and CO2 to extract essential compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes from the plant.
Crumble – Refers to extracts that take on a soft, crumbly texture.
Dab – “Dabbing” refers to the method of flash vaporization in which oils are applied to a hot surface and inhaled (see also: dab rig, nail). “Dabs” can refer to any extract used for dabbing.
Honeycomb – Refers to extracts that take on a soft, honeycomb-like texture.
Nail – A nail refers to the metal, glass, or ceramic spike attached to a water pipe. Dabs are applied to the nail once it’s been heated.
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A Few More Terms to Know

Oil – A broad term that refers to many different cannabis concentrates. It implies a runny, oil-like consistency, but cannabis oil has become a ubiquitous term that describes extracts of many forms and consistencies.
Pull-and-Snap – Refers to extracts that take on a taffy-like consistency that may “snap” when bent.
Purge – Refers to the process of removing solvents during extraction. (Note: high levels of residual solvents can be unsafe for consumption, so make sure the product you’re purchasing has been lab tested).
Rosin – A solvent-less extract that uses heat and pressure to concentrate essential cannabis compounds.
Shatter – Refers to extracts that take on a transparent glass-like consistency.
Wax – Refers to extracts that take on a soft, waxy consistency.
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3 reviews for Bubble Hash – 1g
  • nukednuker

    (verified owner)

    4 out of 5

    This hash is fresh and extremely malleable. Great flavour, and extremely smooth. Excellent body buzz, and it still hits you in the head just right.
    Good Times.

  • Leslie J

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    great stuff this hash… when i introduced a bit of this to some medical patients stuck in hosp long term it wasnt long and they were smiling and laughing… one old guy was just beaming contentment, he told me it had been a very long time since he had seen hash and had thought he would never taste it again… happy patients, mission accomplished, cheers!

  • jonray_egotak

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Has to be the best hash I smoked of all mail order maryjuana sites. A must try for you hash smokers. Very potent. I would buy this product again.

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